Why Audio-i

We’re experts

Audio-i specialise in composing, recording, and producing high quality music and sound atmospheres for multi platform uses. These include the music industry, television, cinema, theatre, corporate, and multimedia projects. Our many years experience in all music genres allow for fantastic results every time..

Years of experience and success in the music industry

We’re experienced

Our experience within television, cinema, and corporate video make us a trusted pair of hands when it comes to delivering the right results within budget and time constraints.

We’re a trusted pair of hands when it comes to music to video of any kind

We’re tech savvy

We are midi and keyboard programming experts with experience with virtually every piece of computerised recording equipment available. We have thousands of hours of professional recording, programming, and engineering experience.

Midi and keyboard programming experience at a professional level around the world

We’re musicians

We’re musicians and songwriters who learned our craft in the music industry writing real songs for real artists. We know how to put music together with the highest production and sound values

Music is about understanding what is required, and then performing it.

Our track record

As producers, musicians, song writers and composers, sound engineer, midi and keyboard programmers, and live recording engineers, we have delivered time after time. We make it a point of pride to provide the highest quality possible and we’re doing everything to make sure it’s truly great.

Results that hit the spot

Affordable Quality

Budgets are always important and very complex especially when working a video. We will always seek to provide you with a piece of music that works for you creatively and financially.

Quality is more affordable than you may think and is definitely worth the end result

Because music can impact customer behaviour, it can also influence customer spend

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