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Production and Composition borne from decades in the music industry

Music industry song composition, and music production experience drive the high quality we provide. Working with artists from around the world and with numerous record and cd releases, we bring a vast amount of experience to every piece we deliver

basseyShirley Bassey – Keep the Music Playing [album] – Midi programming
– Keyboard programming
– Digital editing
– Bass guitar
Kym MazelleKym – Mazelle – Woman of the World [Single] – Co-Produced
– Keyboard and Midi Programming
– Digital Editing
– Recorded and Engineered
Rooftops Motion PictureRooftops – Nuvision Motion Picture & Sountrack Album
– Recording Artist
– Co-produced
– Composed
– Guitars, keyboards, bass guitar
Trainer BBC TVTrainer BBC TV Series [album] – Engineered & Recorded
– Midi and Keyboard Programming
– Digital Audio Programming
Trainer BBC TVRiversongz – Praise & Worship [album] – Inhouse Engineer
The Dawn Red Red RoadThe Dawn – Red Red Road [album] – Artist and Performed
– Composed
– Produced
– Recorded and Engineered
The Dawn - House of ZionThe Dawn – House of Zion [album] – Artist and Performed
– Composed
– Produced
– Recorded and Engineered