The Audio-i Team

A lifetime of music as professional musicians, composers, and producers

Vince Hudson

Vince Hudson
Vince is an accomplished guitarist, composer, sound engineer, and programmer with works that have spanned the globe. Playing guitar from childhood, Vince entered the music industry as a recording artist, before moving to accomplished record producer and composer. Along with chart success as a recording artist, he has had record releases under Epic Records, Columbia, and Streewave records.

With decades of engineering and live sound experience, Vince’s expertise has been used on numerous live performances and theatre shows around the world. As a session guitarist, Vince has also appeared on Top of the Pops with Oleta Adams.

Jude Hudson

Jude Hudson
Jude is an accomplished bass guitarist, composer, keyboard player, and midi programmer. Working alongside his brother Vince in the music industry as a recording artist with releases with Epic Records, Columbia Records, and Streetwave Records , he joined him as a record producer and composer. As the other part of the recording duo, Jude has been playing and recording with Vince since the beginning. 

As a session bass guitarist, and keyboard/midi programmer Jude has worked with such artists from the Bee Gees to Shirley Bassey.

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